Another charity project, just in time for the holidays…      12/17/2013

Today's update adds a gallery for my latest charity painting project. I've really grown to enjoy these and I think they’ve earned an annual place in my schedule. This particular project is a tiny part of the 2013 Project: Orange Crush charity armies for FoodMachine. *Two* Convergence of Cyriss Warmachine armies will be raffled off at Templecon in early Feburary 2014, though the tickets will only be available for another month or so. It’s also worth noting that you don’t have to be present to win – you can buy your raffle tickets online here and they’ll ship the army to you if you win. I have my fingers crossed.

A few minor updates…      12/12/2012

I’m delighted to say that the Free Mars Kickstarter project closed with full funding and then some. I owe a huge “thank you” to writer Dave Pauwels, artist Nic Giacondino, and publishers Ape Entertainment for including my miniatures in the project, especially since only one of the promised figures has actually been completed (though the remaining pair will be the next miniatures I finish and post here). Furthermore, we all owe the friends, family, and fans who supported the Free Mars Kickstarter project a significant debt of gratitude. We won’t let you down.

Partially from that gratitude and partially from a successful refinement to my resin-casting situation, I’ve decreased the prices in the Full Borer Store. A few costs actually went up a bit, but labor went down - so I’m calling it a win. All prices are now ~12% lower as of this twelviest of days.

Lastly - and this is far from news - I’m hugely fond of talking about the hobby (and hearing myself talk about the hobby). This fact was illustrated to me when I recorded an interview with the good folks at the Second Founding podcast. They offered to let me record a little serialized rambling for the hobby segment of their show, and I immediately agreed. The segment debuts in Episode 17 with “Borer’s First Rule of Miniature Painting”. There’s theme music and everything.
I’m insufferably pleased with myself.

A triad of shameless self-promotion…      10/29/2012

The first and biggest item is a KickStarter project, though not my Kickstarter project. My friends at Free Mars have launched a project for their webcomic. Earlier this year they released a 112-page graphic novel of their first story arc and their Kickstarter project aims to fund a second book. Along with the usual comic-related incentives of signed copies, original art, and limited prints, they have a Sisters Grimm concert T (which I will have) and a trio of 30mm figures (which I will sculpt). Actually, the first sculpt is already completed and I’ve begun the second figure with complete confidence that they’ll meet their goal and these will go into production. The Free Mars Kickstarter project launched today and will run for about three weeks - I urge you to check it out.

Items two and three exemplify just how easy it is to get hobbyists to ramble about their hobby:
Some of my local gamer friends run the Ohiohammer podcasts, and after talking to those guys a bit, I did a little interview and hobby segment on the 14th episode of the Second Founding, their largely 40K-oriented podcast. I’m not really qualified to judge, but I thought it went well. The Bell of Lost Souls seemed to agree - you can read a little review of the episode and what a useful cog I can be in their top podcasts of the week here.

And speaking of the Bell of Lost Souls site, they posted an excerpt from an interview I did with Tyler Mengel of Mengel Minis for a new hobby series he’s starting on his blog - Miniature Masters. I’m a bit embarrassed by the title, but I love the logo. BOLS has most of the interview here, and Tyler has the full text here.

Building two galleries with one sculpt…      10/11/2012

October is here and I’m finally getting around to posting this summer’s work - two new projects in the gallery, though they are based on the same miniature. The first is another sculpt from the universe of Free Mars, this time one of the formerly titular characters. The second addition is that model converted into a Necromunda vignette and the entry I took to Chicago Games Day this year.

Well, that took longer than expected…      05/07/2012

…which could be said of virtually everything I do, but in the case of the Seadrake - my contribution to the Celebrity Dreadfleet charity project at Adepticon 2012 - it's even more appropriate than usual. I’d fully intended to finish this ship before the end of 2011. It took until April. Certainly part of that is the ease with which I’m distracted by shiny objects, but once again I grossly underestimated the amount of time a project would take.

Two sculpts and a "for sale" sign…      02/18/2012

Today’s update has been in the works for what seems like ages.  I honestly don’t know where the time goes. 
Nevertheless, Hannah Valerus comes to us from the dystopian-but-musical Free Mars ‘verse and The Artillerist was my entry for last year’s Chicago Games Day, as well as my contribution to the Heroes of Armageddon charity project.

What’s more, I’ve finally managed to mold and resin-cast both of these models, making them the first Full Borer Miniatures available for sale through the freshly added Full Borer Store.

A day of thanks…      11/24/2011

It's Thanksgiving here in the US, and it seems a wonderfully timely day for two postings. The lesser is the first Wyrd miniature in my gallery, glibly named Grateful Teddy (obviously he's thankful).

The more significant but much less complete item is a new charity project - Celebrity Dreadfleet. My esteemed colleague from the great state of Illinois, Dave Pauwels, has gathered a crew of painters and hobbyists, each of us bribed, cajoled, or threatened into painting one of the ten ships from a copy of the limited edition Games Workshop fantasy naval game Dreadfleet. I'll be painting the high elves' ship Seadrake. The completed set will be raffled off at Adepticon 2012 and the proceeds donated to Ocean Conservancy. I'm impressed by Dave's idea, honored by my inclusion, and anxious to buy some tickets.

One important logistical note - your ticket must be present for you to win. That's your ticket, not you. So if you want a shot at this prize, but aren't going to Adepticon, you'll need a trustworthy friend to hold your ticket for you. Enter Dave Taylor and Mathieu Fontaine who have generously volunteered to be your friend, at least to this extent. You send them the money, they buy the tickets, and if you win, they ship the prize to you. You can read Dave Taylor's post with the details here, and Mathieu's post with essentially the same details here. I don't think it matters much which painter you proxy with, but it's a great prize and a better cause, so I hope you'll consider buying a boatload of tickets.

Today's update is brought to you by the letter "F"…      11/11/2011

As in "Fulgrim" and "Fratricide". It's been far too long since my last update and I'm a little surprised these project galleries didn't make the list earlier as they're two of my favorite projects ever; hopefully you'll like them half as much…

Collaborative Astartes…      03/29/2011

I've managed to sneak in another two-model update before Adepticon, and I realized as I was prepping them that both projects were very collaborative - something I'd encourage anyone to try. I've occasionally mentioned that before the Chorazin project I never showed anyone anything I was working on for a contest for fear of tipping my hand or getting overly harsh criticism. But starting with that project and continuing in almost every project since (including the Slayer Sword Challenge, also in this update), I've compared ideas, intentions, and WIP putty and paint photos with a variety of fellow hobbyists – starting slowly with close friends and expanding gradually as my comfort with the concept increased.

Having people whose opinions I trust offer comments and criticisms has proven to be hugely worthwhile. I only wish it hadn't taken me over a decade to come to that realization. I'd encourage anyone to ask fellow painters, sculptors, and hobbyists for feedback, especially if you want to improve. Not everyone will oblige you, and not all the criticism will be constructive (or necessarily polite), but the vast majority of us are in this hobby because we enjoy it. It doesn't require much arm-twisting to get painters to talk about painting…

Slayer update…      03/04/2011

A new month and another update. In a largely accidental example of theme, this update is two dwarf trollslayer projects with ¾ of a troll thrown in for good measure. One is much older than the other; but slayers have always been my absolute favorite thing in the Warhammer universe.

Apparently I'm slow with updates as well…      02/17/2011

It turns out (and this is a long way from news) that I’m an unfortunate combination of fairly busy, ponderously slow and easily distracted; a combination which did not bode well for my intended at-least-monthly update schedule. But I’m happy to finally have an update completed, so I’ll spare you the obvious quote about good intentions. It’s a pretty minor update really - just a nostalgic terminator and my first complete sculpt. If all goes according to “plan”, this update will be followed by several more in the coming weeks.

Launch!      06/23/2010

After literally years of languishing on my to-do list, "set up website" can finally be checked off. But with that complete, I've been forced to add "update website" to the list, so I guess it's a bit of a wash. The first article and galleries are up, with more to follow as pictures are made presentable and explanations are turned to articles. Those of you already familiar with my glacial painting speed won't be surprised by my equally sluggish web updates, but there are lots of projects in the works and mostly they'll end up on here. Mostly. So I'm optimistic.