Full Borer Miniatures showcases the work of veteran hobbyist Chris Borer - me. I've set up Galleries for some of my favorite projects and included descriptions with the requisite photos as I tend to have a lot to say about my projects, but I'm not remotely productive enough to blog.  I've added an Article section to discuss a few questions and topics that have often come up and a Store page where I offer castings of my original work.  The updates tend to be less frequent than I'd like as this is very much a hobby and side-business for me, but I hope you may find some useful information or viable inspiration here.



A Note on Gen Con: Due to a family crisis, I missed Gen Con and had to cancel my painting classes at the last minute.  I apologize for that and Gen Con should have issued you a refund.  If you were registered for Introduction to Freehand or Painted Weathering, please contact me and I'll send you a PDF of the class packet you would have received in person.